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Bluecorp. Offshore IT
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About us

Established in 2007 in Brussels, Belgium, Bluecorp provides and manages IT staff to assist and guide small- to mid-sized companies in reaching their software needs. We currently operate on a variety of projects both in Europe and in the United States.

All our developers are screened and employed by CMS, one of Sri Lanka’s oldest and well established IT solutions provider.

Our experience runs deep, as CMS has actively been providing IT support and solutions to our affiliated partners - Redcorp - for over 20 years.

What we do

We recruit, host and manage your remote IT resources. In other words, we are partnering with you to find your skilled resources, to monitor his work under your daily management and to keep his productivity at the highest.

Meet our team

We have a strong mid-management team to keep our infrastructure at the highest level possible and to support your virtual team. They will assist you with your daily follow-up and monitoring of your needs, making your satisfaction our ultimate goal and our quality your ultimate satisfaction.

ISO 27001-2013

Using this family of standards helps our organization manage the security of assets such as financial information, intellectual property, employee details or information entrusted to us by our customers.

(Y)Our Services

As a SME, we know how every resource is important for your developments
Let's focus on it !

Data entry

Typically, you need someone to write down data, texts or any time-consuming tasks. We can provide you with such profiles combining encoding quality & speed.

Digital Marketing

Your company is specialised with SEO and other digital marketing techniques. Use your know-how to monitor and instruct our people to increase your visibility.

Web Development

You have ongoing development needs on the Web (PHP, React, Angular, Node, etc.) but find it hard to recruit and retain such developers. Let's talk about it !

IOS & Android

Not only are mobile devices essential to every company's strategy but also developments and maintenance are difficult across all platforms. We can provide solutions for you.

UI/UX Design

Today's UI/UX design techniques are continuously evolving for more users' interactions and dynamism. Having a specialist to optimise these techniques is essential.

Sysadmins, Netadmins, DBA's

With an advantageous time difference, tasks devoted to maintaining, monitoring and fine-tuning your systems or databases can happen before you notice. Remote management is key here.

Meet (y)our team

A desire to help and empower others between community contributors in technology
began to grow in 2020.

Ronald Reich


Dino Reich


Danny Lipski


Emmanuel Poullet

Managing Partner

Roshan Jayalath


Deepika Lisk

HR Manager

Shavantha Katugampalage

Operations Manager

Sanjeeva Senanayake

Recruitment Manager




Years experience


CV's screened per year


Different technologies

Pricing examples

Various profiles corresponding to your needs can be found
Prices are subject to change and are depending on technologies, skills, experience, etc.

Software Engineer

~2.100 €/ month

  • 2+ years experience
  • 8 hours / day
  • Eager to evolve
  • Team player
  • Continous learning curve
  • Mentored

Senior Software Engineer

~2.300 €/ month

  • 4+ years experience
  • 8 hours / day
  • Quality control
  • Team player
  • Continous learning curve
  • Mentoring

Team Leader

~2.500 €/ month

  • 4+ years experience
  • 8 hours / day
  • Task distribution
  • Team leading / Scrum
  • Initiative
  • Mentoring

Senior SysAdmin

~2.150 €/ month

  • 2+ years experience
  • 8 hours / day
  • Autonomous
  • Team player
  • Continous learning curve
  • Fine-tuner


~2.750 €/ month

  • 4+ years experience
  • Highly skilled
  • Quality control
  • Responsibilities
  • Roster
  • Mentoring

Data entry

~1.500 €/ month

  • 2+ years experience
  • 8 hours / day
  • Execute
  • Speed & quality
  • Low initiative
  • Monitored

(Y)Our Costs

All our invoices are based on a COSTS+ scenario.
By COSTS+, we mean that we are exposing all the costs' structure including our margin to enable costs optimizations.
As (y)our main assets are the people working for you, this structure allows to concentrate your money on what matters : retention and productivity !

Typical COSTS+ invoice will split the costs following here under structure :

Remuneration & company's costs : 68%
Global overhead : 17%
Margin : 15%

Available profiles

Contact us for more info and interviews.
If you need another profile, send us your job description, without any commitment..

Senior REACT Developer

~2.600 €/ month (long-term)
190 €/ day (short-term)

  • 11+ years experience
  • React, Angular, Fluter, Vue, Node JS, jQuery, Redux, Thunk
  • CSS 3, LESS, Material Design, AdMin LTE, Bootstrap Design
  • Git, Tortoise svn, Docker, WebPack, Jenkins
  • Jest, Enzyme, React Test Library
  • JavaScript, TypeScript, Python

Senior PHP Developer

~2.400 €/ month (long-term)
185 €/ day (short-term)

  • 6+ years experience
  • Zend, Symfony, Laravel, WordPress, React, Redux, jQuery
  • GIT, Docker, Babbel, WebPack, Jenkins, RabbitMQ, Redis, SonarQube, PHPStan
  • REST, GraphQL
  • MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB, MariaDB, SQLite, Doctrine, Eloquent
  • Microservices, Domain-Driven design, Event Sourcing, CQRS

PHP Developer

~2.325 €/ month (long-term)
180 €/ day (short-term)

  • 7+ years experience
  • Javascript, NodeJS, ReactJS)
  • Docker, GIT, Jenkins AWS
  • Laravel, Symfony Zend
  • Github, Bitbucket, Jira
  • MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, MariaDb, MongoDB

Senior PHP Developer

~2.600 €/ month (long-term)
190 €/ day (short-term)

  • 8+ years experience
  • REST, GraphQL, GIT, AJAX, NodeJS
  • Mysql, PostgreSQL, NoSql
  • Zend, Laravel, Lumen, CodeIgnitor, Symphony
  • Smarty, Blade, Handlebars
  • Joomla, Wordpress

Senior PHP Developer

~2.325 €/ month (long-term)
180 €/ day (short-term)

  • 6+ years experience
  • React, NodeJS, AngularJS
  • GIT, TortoiseSVN, Docker, Jenkins
  • Zend, Symfony, Laravel, Codeigniter, Doctrine
  • Blade, JSX, Handlebars
  • MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, MariaDb, MongoDB

Associate DevOps

~2.050 €/ month (long-term)
165 €/ day (short-term)

  • 2+ years experience
  • Wordpress
  • Kubernetes, AWS, Docker
  • Nagios, Consul, Trio matric, Grafana, Collectd, catchpoint, Icinga, Zabbix,Graylog, PagerDuty
  • VMware Datacenter, VirtualBox, Proxmox
  • Ansible, Jenkins, Bash, Python


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